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Welcome to Meat Systems

A professional development opportunity in grass-based meat systems for agricultural service providers and farmers provided by the Northeast SARE state programs in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

          "Looking to learn more about sustainable livestock production? You've found the right place."


Nutrition's Role in Sustainable Livestock Production Practices


We have completed all of the 2019

classroom and field training workshops


Please check back often

for workshop dates in 2020!

Next year, we will be continuing our focus on the topic
of pasture management and infrastructure.


Please reach out at any time with questions or comments




-An article realted to the 2014-2017 project focuing on reducing the use of anitbiotics in livestock. Pig Zero

-See our References and Links tab for additional links to the handouts from the year 2 workshops

-Web Soil Survey-To get a soil map of your farm, click here

-Penn State Agronomy guide

-A great reference for those involved in sustainable agriculture. The website is powered by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) 

-UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute

Nutrition's Role in Sustainable Livestock Production Practices

A workshop series for agricultural service providers and farmers on pasture management and infrastructure and the nutritional needs of livestock raised on pasture.


Upcoming 2020 Workshops:

-We are busy planning workshops for 2020, check back often for updates!

Click below for the 2019 programs

All 2019 SARE Classroom Workshops
All 2019 SARE Field Workshops


See the References & Links tab to view the 2018 and 2019 presentations 

Upcoming Agricultural Events

Check back often for upcoming events