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Northeast SARE Connecticut Professional Development Projects

Grass Fed All Year Long

Strategies for Expanding Year-round Production of Local, Grass-fed Meat

From 2008 to 2011 the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island SARE PDP plan focused on increasing production of local meat in the region. The tri-state project worked to improve livestock producers' and agricultural service providers' knowledge and skills in the areas of forages and grazing, studied the relationship between local meat production and animal processing, and created a strategic plan to increase the production and availability of local meats.

After study and investigation of the farmers' expressed problem of a slaughter and processing infrastructure shortage, the project concluded that at least part of the problem is seasonal capacity rather than overall capacity. One recommendation of the strategic plan was to address some processing capacity shortages by promoting year round breeding of beef cattle that would result in year round slaughter and processing.

Year-round production of grass-fed beef will alleviate the fall slaughtering glut, provide producers and processors with a more consistent income flow, enable consumers to access fresh meat year-round, and potentially increase the total amount of meat grown in the region. The goal of this SARE PDP plan is to create a sustainable meat production system in New England.

The tri-state PDP program will educate service providers and fanners about the benefits of year-round, grass-fed meat production. Educational programs will be offered in each of the three states. Topics will include animal selection/breeding, seasonal nutrition for animals, environmental impacts of year-round production, facility design/maintenance, and alternative forage options.

Project Duration: 2011-2014

Tri-State Project P.I.s

Project Coordinator


Levi Geyer Presentation on Selection of Dairy Breeds for Meat Production


Meat Cutting Workshop at Adams Farm 2012

Nutrition's Role in Sustainable Livestock Production Practices

A workshop series for agricultural service providers and farmers on nutrition and its direct link to the health and well-being of animals


Upcoming Project Workshops:

Friday, May 18, 2018 
Basic animal nutrition concepts and their ties to animal health

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Sustainably feeding animals and use of body condition scoring for evaulation

Tuesday July 31, 2018
Animal health and diseases related to nutrition

All workshops held from 9 am to 1 pm in the training room at Farm Credit East, 240 S Rd. Enfield, CT

Field training workshop dates to be announced soon!

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2018 SARE Workshops

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Upcoming Agricultural Events

Maximizing Income over Feed Costs in 2018

A forage based discussion group (all species welcome) will meet monthly at a different farm for a farm
walk/topics review.
Contact Joyce Meader
860-774-9600 x.17

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