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Welcome to Meat Systems

A professional development opportunity in grass-based meat systems for agricultural service providers and farmers provided by the Northeast SARE state programs in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

          "Looking to learn more about sustainable livestock production practices? You've found the right place."


Nutrition's Role in Sustainable Livestock Production Practices


Friday, May 18th
 9 am - 1 pm at Farm Credit East in Enfield, CT

Workshop Topic:   Basic animal nutrition concepts and their ties to animal health


Dr.  Amy Safran

Amy Safran graduated from UConn with a degree in Animal Science in 1994. She earned her MS and PhD from the University of Missouri in dairy cattle nutrition. Her research focused on including byproducts in the diet to decrease cost and improve production. Further research investigated feeding raw soybeans to maintain production and decrease feed cost, while attempting to improve fertility. In 2012, Amy joined the Animal Science faculty at UConn. She teaches animal nutrition, production and companion animal courses and advises students and clubs on campus. Currently, she is conducting a study using intensively grazed sheep and compost application to increase soil carbon stores. This attempts to reduce global temperature increases and atmospheric carbon through changes in animal management.

John Hibma

John Hibma, PAS, has lived in Connecticut since 1999 and has been a ruminant nutritionist and consultant for over 20 years having worked with dairy farms, large and small, as well as beef and goat herds in California and New England. He is a long-time contributor to Hoard's Dairyman, Progressive Dairyman and many other agricultural publications on the topics of farming and animal agriculture.

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A recent article in  the New York Times described cattle raising activities in the Mid-West and the use of antibiotics in feed.

At Hamburger Central, Antibiotics for Cattle That Aren’t Sick March 23, 2018

Nutrition's Role in Sustainable Livestock Production Practices

A workshop series for agricultural service providers and farmers on nutrition and its direct link to the health and well-being of animals


Upcoming Project Workshops:

Friday, May 18, 2018 
Basic animal nutrition concepts and their ties to animal health

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Sustainably feeding animals and use of body condition scoring for evaulation

Tuesday July 31, 2018
Animal health and diseases related to nutrition

All workshops held from 9 am to 1 pm in the training room at Farm Credit East, 240 S Rd. Enfield, CT

Field training workshop dates to be announced soon!

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2018 SARE Workshops

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A forage based discussion group (all species welcome) will meet monthly at a different farm for a farm
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Contact Joyce Meader
860-774-9600 x.17

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